The Depth of Love

Creating Your Own Family


Many singles date widely in the hope they will find the perfect person to be their lifetime partner, and they often get married once they believe they have reached their goal. Planning for their future is a big part of what couples share, and many are interested in creating a family together. They see children as their continuity in life, but they also want to share their love for each other by creating unique human beings from their combined genetic structure. It might seem like paradise as they embark upon this personal journey, but there will be plenty of bumps along the way.

Couples are generally quite excited when they are expecting a child, and they share their feelings with friends and family. Looking forward, they can see the love they will give their child, and they have plenty of hopes for the future. Once the child has arrived, their lives can hit a major obstacle. The lack of sleep, constant needs of their new baby, and even the frustrations of learning how to interpret their cries can all contribute to a less than happy atmosphere.

Learning to cope with a new baby can be a challenge, but plenty of babies and parents have survived it quite well. It would seem life should be easier in the future, but walking presents a new set of issues for loving parents. Their children, once free to run at top speed, have their own way of exploring the world. The couple may have been daredevils into extreme sports before they became parents, but their courage could desert them as their children seem determined to find disaster in every corner of the house.

Raising children presents many challenges, yet most of them will seem silly as the years pass. Parents once deprived of any sleep will remember only the beauty of their own child sleeping peacefully. For those condemned to emergency room visits with children able to find or create disasters on a regular basis, the teenage years and young adulthood will often see the couple breathing sighs of relief that their adventure in parenting might soon end successfully.