The Depth of Love

Time to Retire


Aging is a normal part of the human lifespan, but it can seem to take forever before setting down the heavy load of raising and family and working. When it is time to retire, many couples have big plans for the rest of their lives. They might want to spend a year relaxing before setting out on a new adventure, or they could be ready to leap right into it. Getting away from the burden of the past is often their goal, and sharing it may be what has helped keep them together through the years.

Retirement is often a time when people change their lifestyle radically. Their children may all be grown and off on their own, and visiting with the grandchildren is a pleasant diversion from life. They already have the continuity of knowing their family line will continue. Their goal now is to spend their final years together enjoying the life they have left. It can be a heady time for those who have spent decades working hard to achieve their goals.

It used to be that retiring to the rocking chair and a senior living facility where they could rest was often the outcome of retirement, but life has changed drastically. Better nutrition, medical upkeep and even fitness have made it possible for people to be active after leaving their career. A couple newly retired may be more interested in going around the world in a boat of their own, or they could look into taking up skydiving as a new hobby.

While it may be time to lay down the burden of a career and family, retirement for couples today is often about exploring their new lifestyle together. They may find adventure around every corner, and their own children may find they will receive the occasional email only from their busy parents. It can be a time when love blooms anew as the dreams a couple had years ago begin to be a normal part of their new lives.